Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The move South!

Well we have packed up and headed south... no not for the winter, for life! It was an uneventful trip with the largest U-Haul truck loaded to the max and pulling the car! The passenger van well over loaded and pulling 12" trailer stuffed to the max! Eagle mountain LOOK OUT! All the hype about how horrible it would be ... nah it was a breeze....
The little rental house we took on to get our bearings in this new land is very cute and well set up for the Danes... We were just getting into our new area when we (as was the entire US) hit with a heat wave!!! It put an eight week halt on our outdoors adventures! But as the heat abades we have again emerged to find our footings... We have found the town we want to buy in and have started looking (moving again! we must be mad!) The Chattanooga band on the river bank Saturday nights, rivers, hikes, parks, aquarium, ....Loads to do and see!

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