Friday, May 9, 2008

Inherited Vanity

Inherited Vanity

This article is in no way intended to offend or critique another person’s belief.

There is no doubt in my mind there are hundreds of people out there, worldwide to whom they would give up everything for their beloved Danes.

Yet the questions that keep coming to my mind are regarding, DCM, Cancer with intent frequencies, bloat and so much more, are they due to our present day vanities, or are they a product of past generations, decades or centuries ago?

Are we all just now becoming self aware truly about our Dane’s health toiling like crazy to rebuild the damage created by many years of incorrect wellbeing or have the problems always been there, is it due to modern science we are becoming alerted to the inherent dangers, has the internet, cell phone caused a shrinking in the world where upon knowledge is becoming more readily available finally to most?

Since the beginning of time, humans and their egos have tried to genetically create art, either for their own personal choices or for financial gain. We bred then re-bred, with a lets try this & let’s try that attitude, albeit with good intentions. Have we caused the damage to the Great Dane?

I for one applaud all those whom are vigorous on their health testing: understanding, in my opinion is a step in the right direction, because if we do not have researched lines with longevity and limited illness traces, how can we then with conviction pair up and breed. Do we breed too closely? Would it matter if we cross bred if all the testing was done and proved clear? Would we be better freezing produce at 2 years old from a stud and not use it until they were at least 5 years with proven medical records?

So many questions, with so many personal opinions, what would be considered correct?

I watch and play with my pups no matter how big they are, I think about human set standards of the breed and wonder, what does it really matter if they are a champion at this or at that or have created many champions in one arena or another if I am going to possibly lose them at a young age due DCM etc.

I truly do not think one person has all the answers, I know I do not, yet I wonder as a large collective of like minded people with an acute set of morals and principals shouldn’t we be able to a least have a pop at it?

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